Tips For Looking Sharp On Your Special Day

Taking a step back from your standard every day look will make people stop, turn heads and take notice.  Throughout or lives we have a handful of special events that putting in the extra time and effort will only enhance the experience for ourselves and others.  Finding tuxedo rentals near me that accommodate every type of body type, event and occasion make them very valuable.

For those that want to go beyond the tux and really shine for their event here are some tips and tricks that you can use to make yourself stand out amount the crowd.

Wear a unique item

Having and wearing a unique item can be a subtle statement or a bold one.  Items such as pins, different colored handkerchiefs and even tie clips can add a little taste of individuality that others might not notice but you know is there.  

Go bold with your cologne

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Wearing a strong unappealing cologne can quickly drive guests out of the event or get you doused with a hose.  However, if you find a subtle scent that you haven’t worn before or was worn by a missing member of the family will allow you to make another subtle statement to others that might bring back memories and smiles.

Be gracious

Taking a step back and making sure you are not the center of attention is another great way to fit in.  Weddings, funerals and other events are typically surrounding other specific people.  Taking a step back from their events to let them shine may also shine a light on you from those who expect you to do something out of character.

Have fun

No matter what the event that you have decided to attend and where you fit into the party make sure that you are having fun.  Getting dressed up and looking nice will start planting the seed for others to see you in a whole new light.  Having fun in the process will make the transition easier.