Signs You May Have Termites

Termites are one of the scariest pests for homeowners and commercial business owners. They can eat away at wood in various parts of the home, including the foundation, and cause structural problems. These pests can feast on wood in your home for years without being noticed if you aren’t looking for the signs of a termite infestation. For Pest control Key West residents should look out for these signs that indicate the presence of termites in the home.

Clicking Noises

Termites make a lot of noise when they eat, so it’s essential to listen for the sounds of quiet clicking. Soldier termites will either bang their heads or shake their bodies to let the colony know there is danger. Worker termites munch away at wood – you can hear them in the walls and other areas they’re present in. These noises can be heard when putting your ear to infested wood and listening very closely.

Flying Termites

If you have an infestation of termites in the home, you may come across flying termites at some point. These termites, known as alates, use their wings to leave their nest and establish new colonies. These colonies can be far from the home, near the home, or inside the home. Look for the wings of termites, as they lose their wings when they have found a mate.

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White “Ants”

Many homeowners confuse the presence of termites with ants and don’t think anything of their presence. However, termites and ants have some important differences such as their color and antennae shape. Ants inside the home will never be white, so be wary of these insects.

By keeping a close eye on your home, you can potentially prevent a termite infestation. Watch out for clicking noises, discarded termite wings, and ants that seem to look white.